Unlocking the Full Potential of Big Data Migration with Customer Engineering Services


The client is one of the fastest growing Big Data Automation software companies in the world, with over $71 M in funding. The client has developed a product to accelerate cloud migration and modernize its customers’ cloud data operations – automatically. The product installs on its customers’ cloud and automates the migration of data, metadata, and workloads from Enterprise Data Warehouses and Hadoop Data Lakes to the cloud faster, with fewer resources, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. The platform simultaneously establishes scalable and agile modern cloud data operations to automate the creation and deployment of new analytics use cases.

The Challenge

Though the client had a large sales team, it was not growing to its full potential owing to these challenges:

  • Lack of adequate in-house expertise: The client lacked the in-house expertise required to perform data and metadata ingestion, build data pipelines, or migrate workloads to a new Big Data environment. This was leading to delays, errors, and other problems that can negatively impact the migration process.
  • Resource constraints: The client did not have enough resources available to dedicate to a Big Data migration project. This included issues with staffing, budget, or competing priorities.
  • Complexity of migration: Big Data migration projects can be incredibly complex, particularly when dealing with large volumes of data, complex data structures, or a variety of data sources. Without the right expertise and tools, it can be difficult to successfully migrate all of the necessary data and ensure that it is properly integrated and accessible.
  • Time constraints: Many companies may need to migrate their Big Data environments quickly, particularly if they are facing regulatory or other compliance issues. Without the right resources and expertise, it can be difficult to meet these deadlines.
  • Need for ongoing support: Migrating to a new Big Data environment is just the first step. Companies also need ongoing support to ensure that their data is properly managed, secured, and accessible over time. An expert partner can help provide this ongoing support and ensure that companies can get the most value from their Big Data environment.
To address these challenges, the client partnered with Sakha for their customer engineering tasks and also to develop customized product extensions through a dedicated offshore center.


Sakha participated in customer engineering tasks both at the client’s customers’ locations as well as through a dedicated offshore team to provide both time & cost benefits for the client. The tasks performed included:

  • Data onboarding
    • Data and metadata ingestion
    • Synchronization between on-premises and cloud
    • Data governance and lineage
  • Preparing data for analytics and optimizing for performance
    • Data pipelines
    • Data transformation
    • Data models
    • Workload migration
  • Running analytics at scale and realizing the value of the customers’ data
    • Promote to production
    • Hybrid multi-cloud deployment
    • Orchestration
    • Workload migration
Through the dedicated offshore team, Sakha developed several native data connectors, covering categories such as File & API, Marketing, NoSQL, RDBMS, Storage, Streaming, EDW, E-Commerce and more. Sakha also developed an end-to-end automated solution for seamless Hadoop data and metadata migration that can continuously replicate across clusters in a background process. The client realized several benefits from partnering with Sakha for customer engineering and product extension services:
  • Increased revenue: By offering a more comprehensive solution that includes both software and services, the client could increase their revenue from their customers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: By providing customers with access to Sakha’s expert services and support, the client improved on its customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Reduced workload: By outsourcing some of the customer engineering services and extensions development services to a trusted services provider, the client could continue to focus on their core product development.
  • Access to specialized expertise: By partnering with Sakha that specializes in data engineering, the client could gain access to specialized expertise that they did not have in-house.
  • Increased scalability: By leveraging Sakha’s resources and expertise, the client could more easily scale their offerings and support larger customer bases.
  • Competitive advantage: By offering a more comprehensive solution that includes both software and services, the client could differentiate themselves from competitors and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Better feedback loop: With Sakha in the loop, it became easier for the client to get feedback and suggestions for improvement from their customers.
In conclusion, partnering with Sakha for customer engineering services proved to be a win-win situation for the client. The client could leverage the expertise and resources of Sakha to deliver seamless and efficient migration services to their customers, while also enjoying benefits such as increased revenue, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved competitive edge. By addressing the complex challenges and providing end-to-end solutions for their customers, the client established itself as a reliable and trusted partner in the Big Data ecosystem.