Quantilus Innovation, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Sakha Global

Quantilus Expands Commitment to Making Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Metaverse Services Accessible to SMBs.

Quantilus Innovation, Inc., a trusted provider of software and technology solutions for small-to-midsize businesses, has announced the acquisition of Sakha Global, a product development company with proven experience in building solutions in the areas of enterprise applications, business process management, social media, mobile, and gaming.

Founded in 2005, Sakha Global has built cutting-edge products from proof-of-concept to market release for startups that garnered multi-series funding or high exit valuation from renowned companies, including Facebook, Gartner, and MoneyGram.

The integration of Sakha’s core competencies augments Quantilus’ capabilities and resources in existing verticals, including enterprise system integrations, blockchain, and mobile development, while expanding services in technologies such as the Internet of Things and the Metaverse. Moreover, the addition of the Sakha development resources allows Quantilus to increase its investment in research and development which explores the innovative implementation of emerging technologies for business use cases. As a result, clients benefit without assuming any of the risks.

“The past few years have demonstrated the critical role technology plays in maintaining business continuity and relevance against the backdrop of globalization and labor challenges,” said Debarshi Chaudhury, Founder & CEO of Quantilus Innovation. “The acquisition of Sakha Global positions Quantilus to better meet demand and serve clients with diversified technical expertise and go-to resources.”

“Quantilus and Sakha are closely aligned in vision and values. Combining our strengths not only affords excellence for clients but also fosters a culture of collaboration, learning, and innovation among the various Quantilus engineering teams across the globe,” says Sakha’s CEO Giridhar Nagaraja. Sakha’s founders, Giridhar and Kumar Keshavamurthy, will both assume leadership roles at Quantilus.

The Sakha Global team will continue to operate out of Bangalore, India, and will complement Quantilus offshore teams in Mumbai, India, and Hangzhou, China, as well as U.S. teams in New York and California. This is the second acquisition for Quantilus, which acquired eNamix, an IT staffing and recruitment firm, in 2018.

About Quantilus

Quantilus Innovation, Inc. is a software development and technology solutions company that offers full-stack development, enterprise systems integration, and technology consulting services, designed to help small-to-midsize businesses achieve maximum business value. Quantilus helps clients innovate their processes to realize growth opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies. Our services are structured around a few chosen practice areas—each providing a comprehensive range of services including mobile, web, eCommerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business process automation, cloud services, cybersecurity, and more. To learn more, visit

About Sakha Global

Sakha Global is a leading software technology provider that specializes in product development and technology solutions for enterprise, social media, mobile application, and gaming domains. Sakha’s provides reliable, customer-focused, and cost-effective services with the aim to increase conversions, improve marketability, and optimize available resources. This ultimately creates the most beneficial business impact. The team at Sakha uses their technical mastery when working on many product releases, bringing products to the market faster, with reduced R&D costs and the highest level of quality. To learn more, visit