Interactive 3D Space where Users can Meet with Colleagues, Friends, and Family


The client is a startup by the co-founder of one of the largest video game developers in the world, with a focus on social 3D computing. As its first market offering, the client developed a Metaverse where real people love to meet, collaborate, create, or just talk, using its proprietary OS.

The proprietary OS is a software layer providing an abstraction of reality and computing resources through virtualization technologies, unifying access to the virtual world by replicating reality — not only graphically and including groundbreaking visual quality and effects, but also through incorporation of physics and additional characteristics further enriched by sensor data from various real-world elements, as well as simulation and AI services.

The client was looking for a partner to develop the application layer for its market offering and chose Sakha based on our innovative track record.

The Challenge

  • With in-person meetings looking implausible during Covid and people suffering from Zoom fatigue, the client wanted something with the feeling of a physical event.
  • Building an application wrapper around the proprietary OS which takes care of the entire user flow & processes.
  • User login management, sessions management and monetization management.
  • Conversion of the renderings from proprietary OS to OpenGL in real-time in the app.
  • Integrations with work tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams.
  • Work with teams in multiple geographies and time zones against agile sprints with tight deadlines.


Sakha developed the 3D space app – a new solution that takes video conferencing to the next, more powerful, and personal level. The communications platform breaks with the typical video conference boxed layout and seats participants in rooms of all sizes to meet, learn, and work in a gamified way.

Users are transported into a virtual space as a cut-out video stream with no need for VR equipment or avatars – a spatially immersive meeting experience no other platform offers. The 3D space app is the only Metaverse that users can enter with a real presence. There are various 3D immersive settings for meetings – including a yacht, tavern & even the moon!

Apart from login management & sessions management, we integrated the app for meeting invites with tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams. We also integrated payment gateways for purchase of various room settings & number of participants. The app was also developed to be cross platform compatible.

The app was showcased in prestigious events such as Virtual Experience by the Jacques Rougerie Foundation under the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, and the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference 2021.