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Face Recognition

Face recognition is a task that is trivially performed by humans, even under varying light and when faces are changed by age or obstructed with accessories and facial hair. Nevertheless, it remained a challenging computer vision problem for decades until recently. Deep learning methods are able to leverage very large datasets of faces and learn rich and compact representations of faces, allowing modern models to first perform as-well and later to outperform the face recognition capabilities of humans.

This POC demonstrates our ability to build a capable face detection algorithm. Here is a demo to get you excited – https://demo.sakhaglobal. com/

  • First go to “Add”.
  • Fill all the personal details like name, contact number, etc.
  • Click “Take A Snapshot”. This will take 5 images of you.
  • Once it is done, please submit the details.
  • Then go to “List” option to check whether you are added to the list or not.
  • Then go to “Home”. Click “Take Snapshot”
  • At the right side, your face is identified and details are displayed.
  • You need to enable “Load Unsafe Scripts” when you open browser first time.


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