eLearning Platform to Learn & Collaborate Online

Sakha Global’s eLearning platform brings skilling to over 100,000 students.

About the Client

An E-learning content authoring company operating out of Pune with multiple offices in India and works with state & central government and their agencies as well as independent learning centres in rural areas. It’s learning content focuses on blue collar jobs which makes it unique in its reach and requirements. The company is a part of Skill India initiative of Government of India and has partnered with concerned agencies to bring its content to 200,000 rural centres across India.

Business Need

The company had a large collection of E-learning material developed using custom workflows and tools over several years. The company wanted a platform to deliver the content securely to anyone willing to take up learning; even when learners are located in remote areas with limited internet connectivity. The company also wanted to democratize content creation, curation and certification. While building the platform we also migrated students from manual or older disparate systems (spread across 3 systems and 2 states) on to the new platform. Support was provided to learning centres during rollout for effective usage of system and feedback points were input in next iterations of development.

Challenges and Requirements

  • Remote location and limited bandwidth availability at learning centres.
  • Large scale of enrolments, locations to serve and content available.
  • Secure yet cost effective delivery of learning media.
  • Interfacing with Government Agency systems and custom workflows for bigger channel partners.

Our Role

We started out with a detailed study of existing, mostly manual and insecure workflows in place. After this study, based on customer’s vision, we put forward a multi release development plan where each release will focus on the next most immediate business need. We also designed an architecture of the proposed system which is modular, scalable, available, secure and also works without live connection to our servers on 10 year old hardware (we expected this to be case with rural area, verified later). We have completed 3 iterations of development covering:

  • Content delivery to remote locations with semi-active net connection. Direct to browser delivery for students with reliable network connections.
  • Secure packaging of learning media. External certification of security measurements.
  • Lowest possible hardware requirements of Atom processor with 2GB RAM running Windows XP SP2.
  • Migration from old systems and progressive upgrades with each new version availability.
  • Integration with CSC portal and custom workflows for select channel partners.
  • Full function learning management workflow for colleges / polytechnics and rural learning centres.


Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Angular.js, MySQL, Elastic, Mongo, Amazon Transcoder, Blender.


The new platform brings new selling points for the client:

  • Geography, connectivity and hardware constraint free content delivery.
  • Content is secure with encryption and subject to licensing policies.
  • Superior & productive learning management workflow.
  • Self-service workflow covering on-boarding, learning to certification to placement.