A Science-based, Scalable Health & Wellness Solution

Enabling over 100,000 individuals to lead healthier lifestyles.

About the Client

In recent years, we are witnessing an explosion in cases of chronic diseases and conditions – such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity and arthritis in India. The dramatic increase is such conditions is primarily due to poor lifestyle choices relating to lack of physical activity, improper nutrition & poor diet and higher stress at the workplace. There is an urgent need for people to regularly assess their health & wellness and make suitable lifestyle modifications to take control of their health at an earlier age which helps to minimize occurrence of chronic disease and improve quality of life. Our client offers a personalized wellness ecosystem to proactively monitor wellness through 5 health centers.

Business Need

Recently, the client experienced a huge growth in walk-in customers for their health centers and wanted to digitize the whole process for customers. With the increased numbers, the client approached us to develop a solution to reduce process times & operational costs while providing superior customer experience. The client wanted to develop a solution to help people change their health habits overtime and prevent disease through improving diet, exercise, and mood. Right from customer registration – till results & monitoring, the focus was to empower customers anywhere, anytime through a mobile wellness app and connecting various medical devices to the app.

Challenges and Requirements

  • The complete customer lifecycle management had to be digitized.
  • Based on IoT, medical devices & wearables had to be integrated with the solution.
  • Easy access to medical records on demand had to be provided to customers, while ensuring that the data contained therein is factual, accurate and current.

Our Role

For new, walk-in customers & office / home outbound consultation, we developed a browser-based registration module which captures their profile – personal, health history & habits – through an intuitive questionnaire spanning over 300 questions. For the initial medical tests such as blood test, BP, BMI, etc, the devices are integrated to a common browser-based admin module and all the results in conjunction with their profile & prognosis are auto-generated and delivered to the customers’ email ID & mobile app in the form of a wellness report. Customer can also login to a portal to view the results any-time. Based on the prognosis, 4 devices are provided to the customer – an activity band, blood pressure monitor, glucose monitor and weight scale, with specific instructions on when & how to use them. Measurements from these devices are sent to the mobile app and both the customer & practitioners can monitor progress. Business intelligence & machine learning modules are developed to provide practitioners with insights into overall wellness and to provide customers with prompts & reminders of the activities they are expected to do to develop themselves. All these were achieved to the full satisfaction of the client. Currently, we are building the complete ERP system for managing operations – including HR, marketing, billing & revenue management, etc.


Microsoft .NET, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Android & iOS


Sakha Global provided several benefits to the client including:

  • The solution provides a single window to all of a customer’s Health & Wellness data. It stores all the results of assessment, records data from wearables, home monitoring devices and helps with trends, recommendations and tips to improve continuously. Customer’s improved wellness is depicted through the dynamically changing Wellness score on the mobile app.
  • Customers’ can get assessment results instantly in the wellness app. The activity band and monitoring devices can be paired with the app to track health & fitness data and make improvements over time.
  • Through business intelligence and machine learning, personalized notifications, tips & recommendations are offered to customers to improve on their health and wellness score.
  • The solution positioned the client as a tech-enabled, progressive visionary and was able to increase it’s customer base by 10-fold, while also attracting marquee corporate clients.
  • The solution also enables the client to become a thought leader on wellness by generating demographic reports.